FFXIV XIV collab event

Matthew Walters yea it looks like fun. me and Joey Lam (naughty nurse from Anaheim) are going Sunday since DTLA will be less busy on Sunday. I think NN wants to go out again and you two were awesome. David Aracher Sutton Andrew Idle quick trip to the US boys? gotta keep the dream team together. I got mine for Friday at 6:30 in Seattle.

Minfilia is a baller support unit. Y'Shtola is top healer unless you've already got yourself Dualcasting Refia. Yeah I know, but my point is they are not THAT great in the FFXIV story, they could have picked better ones for the FFBE cross over. You make a good point. We should demand Estinien! You make a good point. We should demand Estinien! FFXIV Gil  6* Estinien with Nidhogg infuse would look sick!!! Since they are sticking to the 1.0-2.0 storyline, I'd like Louisoix Leveilleur and Nael Deus Darnus. Hey, since you released Mobius for PC on Steam, why not release Brave Exvius as well? There's a reason why they call games like FFBE Gacha. Are you serious? I'm still waiting for the FFXIV x FFXV collab :/.this collab is bullshit. FFXIV x FFXV or GTFO Square Enix.and it's one-sided again i think? lul. only exvius get the xiv stuff.

But FFBE pretty much get stuff from every FF game so it has been one sided for every FF game. Not sure what you could do for a ffxiv x ffbe event tho........ fina and dark fina outfits xD. Yoshi p said he would do it but only after some time has passed since ff15 released. I personally want the kingsglaive armor set. Expect a year at max for the XV x XIV collab event. Yoshi P covered this in a recent interview (either Dual Shockers or Twinfinate, I forget which). Maaaaaaaybe... on PS4 Cheap FFXIV Gilcome join us in this Grind for the ages xD . Invite friends back to Eorzea with the Callback Campaign!

Your returning friend will receive seven days of free play time and items to help them on their way and you’ll receive a reward if your friend purchases a subscription within 90 days of being invited back! Details: Can your link after "Details:" actually lead to the page that has details, rather than leading to a different version of the same information which contains yet another link that finally leads to the actual page with details? Please and thank you. From what I experienced, getting returner status is just coming back after a short period of unsub (I got this upon return) then tried to bring my brother back with the callback invite. He did not get email and after digging some, it looks like those free weekends mess that time of unsubbing up as they count as being subbed or something. Would explain the multitude of people not getting emails and they somewhat recently (within a month or so) have had one. So have fun!


final fantasy 11 had dynamis sky sea

I have also told my guild and posted all emails on our website and warned them off using the crysta system. I am horrified by this company's conduct and it's a cheap trick to pull get money out of other people's mistakes. How can we register for the event? where can we see when are these events taking place? Every time you log in to the game... They always put the announcements there... Cheap FFXIV Gil Bought the game and havensward today and it was worth it.  Have an awesome time guys! I wish I could go Only four days to go to the grand finale of the Fan Festivals! You can practically taste the excitement! We’ve compiled a general survival guide for the Fan Fest to help attendees get the most out of the event. Also, please remember to bring cash as the food stalls won’t accept cards!

me and my friends agree to quit if fanfest don't show anything decent red mage lvl 50 joke thus ruining class being half done for people if samurai a tank i'll quit i been playing this game to much to realize its not worth it anymore machanics to fights are geting really annoying old fights still wipes people needs revamp done old content dieing out fast as well oh joy i waiting in que for world of darkness 30mins later notthing theres no side stuff to keep people intrested its daily weekly over and over at least final fantasy 11 had dynamis sky sea Buy FFXIV Gil nyzule ilse enjair nm hunting then abyssea runing around besiged campaign in past those kept ppl busy for awhile what do we got anima witch in grind over and over doing same dungeon over and over for lore 1 gear weekly from raids to make point its lacking way to much and people quiting.

in term of content this games lack it bad it call find stuff ppl want hunting gear fun stuff keep people intrested instead we get ex fight for mount and gear then there people who don't want no new bonus or learning party so people that want to enjoy all content will take hours cause no one really want to do them n help people to me this is wow rip off ask friends want go on adventure nah i rather do dungeons over and over to level up hunt gear for raids while 11 was more player friendly grouping up hunting nm going out killing stuff for exp starting all jobs at level 1 bring in new adventures while we geting new jobs thats half done not really anything exciteing to me reason why 11 had so much success was cause more player friendly working to with each player learning ropes of jobs all side fun stuff it has once you friends no longer on 14 you lose intrest as well so there no grouping up and adventering.


FFXIV EU Fan Festival next week

I dont need to have the stream ticket as im going there. Can't wait for the next job announcement B^) OMG only 6 days to know if i leave the game or not! :OAnyone know if you can buy the older streams to get the bonus item codes?Yes you can, they are available until December 2017 or something like that! Still get the codes. But I don't live in Europe or have any EU money. FFXIV Gil As the pre-purchase period is now officially over, we’d like to remind you that there will still be the same items sold at the EU Fan Festival next week!

Please bring cash with you as it will make buying faster and food stalls won’t be accepting cards. Pretty sure I saw a ad for one in Melbourne, Aus last year, is that still on?  This makes me really sad.... i didnt get anything in Vegas because there was no prepurchasing there..... I was in line for 6 and a half hours, in Vegas. Thankfully, I managed to get something. You have my sympathy! That was a horrible experience! Thanks dude.. lol it would have been so much better with preorders.  Is the Nanamo figure ceramic?  Think about that. Will there be a fan fest in the states? It already happened a few months ago in Vegas. What form of currency are you accepting? Euro?

 It's where my family is from in germany. Buy FFXIV Gil Oh gosh Nanamo. Man, hopefully she's still okay haha. Culling Time, the NA Community Team's PvP show, will be live today at 3pm (PT) on Twitch! The team will be on the Aether data center on Balmung World battling in the Feast and Frontline! Tune in for a chance at some awesome prizes!  just kill off the feast entirely. Communicating with nothing but pre-written messages is impossible, meaning wins will always go to partial premades.No idea where to post this to get enough attention for a change.. SE please add beards to the game. There should be as much beard options for male characters as hair options.

This was your best bet on where to post it? I would try the official forums. They're no doubt going to add more facial hair, bit by bit, as subsequent patches and expansions come out, they have to be able to design them so they don't clip into the hundreds of different chest gear already out and also react accordingly to wind, motion, etc. Because, stubble does not a beard make. Try posting on a ff 15 forum instead. Awesome, does this mean your culling PvP from the game and putting more time and resources into the good parts of the game? You guys should announce Samurai soon.


BNS Legendary Stage

 You make 72g per day if u do 40/40 dailies and around 50-55 by just doing all purples,pet stones cost 30-40 gold each i dont see any pay2win only slackers here. They just lazy f**ks. Legendary Stage 1 pet just from f2p. Better git guud son . Buy nc coin , buy pets, sell stones, p2w. Yes u can do more gold per day if u are lucky but there are so many eq u need to evolve, not just pet, pets should be like accesories, not with this stats. Also who have time to spend all day in bns, Buy Blade and Soul Gold some real life. But whatever, its my option, i just said it, it doesnt change .  I have college,job,gym and i manage to do atleast 30/40 Daylies per day saying u have a life and others dont is a poor excuse. Maybe u should consider finding a good clan..u need efficiensy not excuses.

The problem with this game is ... well not the game as much... anything with a build that can be free has to make money somehow too. For me the reason I left (even though I have loved the game since the Korean version) is that living in Australia the ping is sooo high makes the game unplayable especially in higher end game dungeons where timing is key, yet they can't be fucked making an OCEANIC server. But I love the game so I don't mind spending money. Blade & Soul You guys should totally make premium members actually be able to CHOOSE their windwalking. I hate the sword design for blade masters and prefer something like the FM's ice walking or dragons.

I hear you mate. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I live just down the range and hear you. It's the reason why my gear hasn't progressed passed Awakened Oathbreaker/Breeze. I've had such difficulty with timing of blocks/counters/stuns due to lag that I don't bother with dungeons now. Just wished they had a solo dungeon option to obtain gear without having to force you into doing PUGs (more lag/pressure). Considering the number of Brazilian players PLEASE BRING BNS TO BRAZIL OFFICIALLY, I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT TRANSLATION(just leave the game in english...), we are tired of playing with ping reductors, and getting 150ms +

Oh sure make samurai the P2W costume, and make the ugly one the "anniversary" costume. Whatever man this is why I don't even play anymore. Sick of dissapointing updates and stale design.  i like the samurai costume, so its a shame it was chosen for the 365 premium... now now.. HOW will you reward active players who play since DAY1 .. im really curious.... cause this game is a DISGRACE to the F2P model... you screwd it over so much i htougth its not even possible, but u did it.. WOW .. CG .


Blue Mage won't currently work in FFXIV

I switched back from Au Rah to Elezen again because the clipping was so terrible. Honestly, anything with a tail in an MMO instantly becomes an issue when all the armor is the same, Buy FFXIV Gil just stretched over different character models. Another issue I have with 14 is that there needs to be more face options added in, yeah its great that we keep getting more hair, but I can't exactly make a Hyur male without it looking like a complete babyface. I am hyped about the Garo Collaboration. Chris Hampton The Incredibles?  STOP TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS AND GIVE ME BLUE MAGE ALREADY.

What evidence is there of BLU? I'm ACTUALLY curious. btw, apparently, in the game, there's an NPC in the game called Naoki Yoshida and he says(what it says from the screenshot i found): "And then there'll have to be new jobs, of course. SAmurai? Or how about red mage? Hrmmm... Oh! You'll keep these idle musings to yourself, won't you?"  David Kenneth Burr We will most likely get 3 new jobs. However, there is a slight chance at 4. Technically, NIN was an early release job and Yoshi said he wouldn't release one job early like that again. This is very unlikely, but not impossible!

Zaknafein I'm right there with you, and I personally thought we were getting 3 jobs until that tweet leaked. Now I'm not so sure, only time will tell. Oh, nice and detailed. Thanks for that. :) Cheap FFXIV Gil It would truly be interesting to see how they work a Blue Mage into this game, if it were to be a thing. 90% sure Yoshi said blue mage was never going to happen in this mmo. Yoshi said he wasn't sure how it would work. And fun fact, he said the same thing about Red Mage. That was then, this is now. That was years ago.

Yoshi said in an interview that blue Mage won't currently work in FFXIV. Also it's 2 jobs... he mentioned in an interview after HW release that they wouldn't be releasing 3 new jobs (healer, DPS &a Tank) in futute expanionsons because of the amount of work it took to get all 3 jobs sorted in time. (All 3 needed levelling weapons, end game weapons, primal weapons, individual gear sets, individual skills and balancing) He said that years ago. And he said the same thing about Red Mage, and here we are.


FFXIV Halloween event gave a broom mount

 I was a top .1% player in WoW and recently quit to play something a little more casual because I don't have the time for a WoW raid schedule commitment so.  Does anyone else want a patch to customize chocobos more? I miss the longer Tails the Chocobo's in 15 had...Woo another goofy looking samurai helmet! Woo another goofy looking samurai helmet!  Every New Years they do these, this years has a Chocobo on it, haha I love the events. Tiffany Comeaux Yeah it sucks they just looks ridiculous besides the dragon one. And the events just keep getting lazier.

 "The events just keep getting lazier." Are you shitting me? One, the Heavensturn event is always simpler. Two, last year's Halloween event gave a broom mount, FFXIV Gil this year's had a minigame INSTANCE, Little Ladies Day and the anniversary event had interactive stageplays, and this year's Christmas event had a much asked for, well designed glamour item. And all of them have adorable stories, decorations, and gimmicks. What more do you want?  And will it go free to play ?.Stupid stuff, but im already subbed so i guess i'll still do it. No. Stop asking. Go play some other shitty FTP.

Ed Tahana Why it's doing great as is? Cheap FFXIV Gil If it went free to play countless features would get ruined. Do you wanna ruin another amazing MMO? No no it doesn't ever. No it doesn't need to go free to play. Play something else if you can't afford it. No, Ed Tahana, this will never and should never go as F2P, please stop asking.

There are videos upon forums upon videos about the differences between F2P and subscription based games and both have pros and cons, but there are a bunch of reasons that you can research yourself as to why ffxiv is a and will always be a subscription based game. All games will go free to play and this will go free to play. Can't wait until it goes free to play.  XI has been going near 12 years and it's not free to play. Stop. Take your cancerous F2P notions to Guild Wars.  Kid's just trolling. Just let him say whatever he wants and let's just enjoy our premium game.


The Alchemy Event is back

 I'm playing again after a few years, my lvl is 34 Assassin and I got craft skill with tailoring and jewelry. Looking for party or a group related to Aion. guys i worry becuz if im gonna play aion there well be a notification failed to intialize the game what was that mean? need help! Virtual contest with virtual reward and still can't enter from anywhere but the US.. still, after all these years -.-fcking ashholee! this game i want to play but what fcking is this failed to initialize the game pleasE! is there a problem with this!

 I want to make end game developers of Aion instant instances,instant battlegrounds,instant Raids and Dredgion and remove that cd from All like Wow.  what happened to Aion? Buy Blade and Soul Gold i updated my game today(wednesday) and now its not loading anymore...tried to restart a few times but same result? what did you do? Can someone say me for Marchutan Protector's set and weapon ...can it break in temperance? wtb a merger server for tiamat.. the most dead server on game.. hello. Aion-san can you please put some updates of the new patch? It is so unfair for us Facebook users that we need to check twitter instead for Facebook for latest news. At least hear us out kindly pls?

The Alchemy Event is back! Open a daily free chest for the next two weeks and create keys by combining Alchemic Essence with a Lead Fragment! Gary Hill What the heck is wrong with your NCSoft webpage. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I can't log in. It say Error. There is something wrong on our end. Please try back in a few minutes. This has been going on for days now. I can't put in a ticket because it takes me to the log in page in order to do that and OF COURSE, I can't log in. Also. I left for a few years and now have time in my life to play again and my account no longer exists. All the characters I used to play and had spent hundreds of dollars on are gone??? That's just not right.

Anyone else get the "Disconnected From Server" in game followed by Email from NCSOFT Games saying: "Your Aion subscription has been cancelled.Starting with your next billing period, you will no longer be charged for this pack.If you did not cancel this order, please contact customer support.Please make sure to print or save a copy of this notice of cancellation for your records.Thank you for being a part of the Aion community and we look forward to seeing you in the game!