BNS warlock game play

So is the dps meter just like an on average dps meter or is there a way to see more detailed data? Just per second damage is not going to be all that accurate for dragon call warlock users. Blade and Soul Gold DC users have valleys in their damage where it can slip back once in a while but overall with the skill books and proper rotation use DC is way more than helix.If they are not getting the damage with DC then it's because they are not doing their rotations properly.

You do more pve damage with DC and the skill book overall. I do enough damage to pull aggro in a 600+ party. I am worried that a simple on average dps meter won't show a fair assessment to my skills. This would lead to me getting flamed when they are not seeing the whole picture. I am worried they will see a dip and flame even though I have done 3-4 times their damage output overall.

When I am doing enough damage to make the boss ignore everyone else and a down moment in my rotation shows an inaccurate picture of my overall damage output. This is is a bit of an unfair assessment.

Btw the highest Buy Blade and Soul Gold I have hit with helix is 13k but this was without fighting spirit and soul burn. So Maybe 18-20k if I am lucky. With DC that has been buffed with SB and FS I have hit for 53k . Helix has it's uses like for pvp and in areas where enemy health is so low you can't do proper charges on DC. However I just want to see my damage accurately reflected. It would be stupid to have people see a dip but not really see that you are doing among the top damage in the party. There are a lot of stupid people out there who will.


make design fits the BnS theme

I submitted, and I understand my entry on male outfit is way to plain which probably won't get me anywhere. But looking some of the selected costumes... I did kinda felt a shot down considering the amount of time spent researching making sure the design fits the BnS theme. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I just wish they post out all entry of participant and have real critics comments.

I submitted, and I understand my entry on male outfit is way to plain which probably won't get me anywhere. But looking some of the selected costumes... I did kinda felt a shot down considering the amount of time spent researching making sure the design fits the BnS theme. I just wish they post out all entry of participant and have real critics comments.

 Very disappointing about how you handled the contest and your criteria. Blade and Soul Gold Very low quality management compared to the previous contest. It's a shame for all the people which actually put effort in their entries. Probably some of them will never participate again. You did not even respect your own rules.

My feelings exactly. It's like totally not caring about the time and effort people invested. Totally unrespectful. Or we could have inspire from famous anime (since game is full of anime fans) that would 100% have lot of sales. Why bother to be original as the rules were saying. But well, what is done is done. We now know what we can expect in the future.



Best MMO hands down those who complain will never be satisfied...because well...it's the best MMO and still not good enough for them so stop complaining you don't like you don't buy and stay out of this page your negative comments are not needed in the FFXIV community. damn, I'm offline for 14 days now so I can't use it... c'mon square, FFXIV Gil you could've pulled me back into your web, but now I resist. No candy, no money.

Yeah you can, the campaign last until August 30th. It's 120 hours of game time for a month.  It's a 120 hour window from the moment you log in, not 120 hours total. oh, didn't see it was till august. The way it was written confused me (we write 25.8.2016), so didn't see it was a different month. Thx, Coty Marlowe.

I would play this so much more if I didn't have to pay for it, but that being said it is a terrific game that's very addictive. Thank you for this let me log in and trade all my stuff to my other half. Least she's gonna get use out of it. Apparently my inventory of shite was worth 1.2 million....Buy FFXIV Gil I'm looking forward to logging in again after so long, realising none of my guild mates play anymore and dying a little inside.

I wish youd put have the effort you put into trying to bring the casuals back into the players who are still subscribed. And stop losing them in the first place... Awesome! I know what I'm going to be doing for the next 120 hours of my life that I will never get back, and do I say it's worth it? I most certainly do! If there's ever a time to start playing again.


how to to farm for materials for level up in Blade & Soul

Thats just you bro. I bought like 25$ just to buy a friend an outfit for her birthday and thats all. I get like... 30g each day without effort and thats pretty fair to raise your character easily. Learn to play. Hate the player not the game.

It puzzles me that you guys think you just play a mmo and automatically become good Blade and Soul Gold . I have played alot of mmo's. And all of them have had some type of grind factor in the game. So what somebody has better gear than you? That shouldn't discourage you from focusing on yourself and upgrading your gear. Secondly, what mmo does not require you to put an insane amount of time to farm for materials or level up. And if those mmo's didn't have that what's the point of it being a mmo in the first place ? If this game was that easy , what would be the point of even playing it?

So what wallet warriors can achieve the same gear you got with hard work , how else is people supposed to keep up with someone who has no life or play this game 10+ hours a day? Buy Blade and Soul Gold Say what you want about this game but like it or not alot of people is still playing , and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. I agree with you. Players these days became lazy...they wish instant best gear in game...without effort.

MMORPG is not only game...it's virtual world with it's economy....
Being God almighty in real life...of course seems fun...you can do whatever you wish...but sooner or later it becomes boring...same thing is with game...congratulations you got instant best available gear in game and max amount of money...what happens next? How long it will take for you to become bored because no one can defeat you...PvP becomes boring...


pets will join advantage in Blade and Soul

it is nightmare even for swipers XD best way is to use them wen u need them other than that just hide them in ur bag so they dont need food. I'm pretty sure it isn't a nightmare for sensible people who don't rush for such stuff in the first place. It's nice owning one, but it's optional and it only provides slight HP increase at the most. Purple pets stay for 40hrs before u get to recharge them, blue ones.. i think 20hrs. Those pets.. when maxed gives u 15k hp + 900+ def. Im not tempting u. Blade and Soul Gold Im just saying the stats xD the recharge item is 1hr/pot (no idea how NA will call that recharge item) other than that.. those pets dont do anything but to look cute beside ur char.

I will just use them in ssp aganist mercenary. How about an update so that I don't have to temp disable my AV Firewall to load the game?
Pets are nice; feeding them gets tedious though.Same problem. You really need to disable your anti virus (AVG) before starting BNS. Avg is just bad ide go for an Antivirus that scores well.. Might as well just use Windows defender.

Christian Ishida loll... Cheap Blade and Soul Gold avg is the worst antivirus ever. seriously just use windows defender or mse. and since you already installed avg, good luck getting rid of it and all the crap its going to leave behind.btw AVG can has probably deleted some dll files in your system directory, just saying. Get a better anti virus McAfee doesn't blocks my game.

Will this update finally fix your servers/enable in-game ping boost like in Aion? I'm less than 500 miles from your main servers and I still get 200+ ping 5 months after release. You banned me for using WTFast which actually made the game playable at the ping I should be at, so instead of adding 'pets' and more content can you please make your game stable or let people use proxies/vpn's? PLS&thx. Great that pets will join our advantage but take care of the bots and spammers would be even better! Petnip will cost. How long before they start selling add-ons to decrease stamina burn or increase Chi, fetch drops automatically, etc? Maybe a max-ed out pet will glow or do some other trick to make it clear THAT pet comes with a credit card swiper attached. All of this stuff can be set to require constant payments and make lots of .


I really loved FFXIV

Final Fantasy VI boss! Man, this game continues to be the best investment ever by being the ultimate tribute game to the series. With the new Star Ocean, Persona, and Final Fantasy XV coming out soon, goodbye Eorzea. With the new Star Ocean, Persona, and Final Fantasy XV coming out soon, goodbye Eorzea.  If they close that goddamn server, and I've been paying monthly, then I will never buy a game from the franchise again. It better be up until I can platinum. Those games are ones and dones. FFXIV Gil This is forever adding. Bye felicia.

My recent social anxiety has kept me from getting into groups. But have you made it safe for us crafters? Last I heard YoshiP pretty much relegated us to second fiddle status by claiming that all players are gonna have to raid for stuff that's actually good.
All I can really do as a crafter is make stuff to make crafting easier for other crafters. Like. I can make swords too but why bother with those when you can just PUG a dungeon til you get the one that's better? Still super pretty however.

 I really loved FFXIV when if first started. However I ran out of content quickly and moved on. My biggest complaints, and main reasons I didn't return after the patch, is how closed in the world is. So many load screens and such lack of freedom. You may want to take a look at Heavensward Buy FFXIV Gil if you haven't already. As far as the open world, it's well beyond what ARR had to offer, and now in 3.2, there's far more than perhaps back in 2.0, and not just in terms of content.  what they need is an option to where you can cut the extreme detail in half. its unnecessary and it slow lodes to where you have to wait 30 seconds to a full minute or so for the quest NPC to lode.
otherwise its an awesome game.

i had to put my screen to 150% just to be able to play without extreme lag and be able to read what the quest NPC's were saying.  Ready for this storyline to come to a conclusion. As a legacy member who has been waiting to get into Ishgard since 2010 the whole story has been kindda a let down. Too bad this Garlean thing is going to drag on til 5.0 apparently, according to Yoshi P's comments about doom train. After 6 years I'm ready for something unique and new to come into the picture, story-wise.
2-feche a mão
3-diga o nome de 1 dia da semana
4-nome da pessoa q vc gosta
5-abra a mão
6-cole isso em 15 comentarios
E bem no dia q vc escolheu. Ira
diser que
Gosta de vc. E ira pedir vc em namoro.
Se vc rejeitar esse convite,,,tudo irá dar errado


Blade & Soul Twist of Fate outfit.

Yeah I didn't know crafting with so important until a week ago, I'm making my crafting level go up by making premium items that sell decently. I still have no idea how crafting works, gonna level up to 50 in a day or two and stop playing. MTS are pretty easy to craft, i think if u craft twice u have enough for all the items smile emoticon Just costs a bit, ofc. Could you please explain this to me? I'm betting you still can't achieve the second Twist of Fate outfit. Plus, and let's be honest, Blade and Soul Gold the outfits all look like they were designed by a 15-year-old doodling in the back of his math class notebook. You can't dye them, you can't turn off various visual elements in them, it's grind to the nth degree to attain them, and to what end? Simply to have them in your wardrobe? Nah, I'm done with BOTS & SPAM.

I ended up giving up on B&S with a month or so of premium left. Probable ended by now but everything seemed like too much grinding and not enough game play to do anything and premium seemed a waste of money except for costume storage, since for some reason they don't have a dedicated storage for everyone standard. as expected from 6v6 battleground.

I have 365 Days Membership ($124.99) and I haven't log in for almost a month now. I'm curious why are people angry at bots. I know how it's very frustrating to have bots on your team but I've seen bots killing Profane Jiangshi which helped me a lot because if there was no bots, I would never gotten profane. These new costumes are not limited right? buy Blade and Soul Gold They will be permamently on the store?

Can anyone help me, I'm trying to put some time just 30 days VIP subscription, just want the store within the game has only 90 days, is there any way to buy only 30 days or no longer exists. Sorry pronunciation and writing'm Brazilian speak little English. Really like the outfits. Will be getting them soon when I have some cash. Wait Lyns have to pay real money for shoes? Cause I don't think there are shoes on Lyn outfits in game. Who think its not a p2w game?