BnS F2 Bugged for Legendary Soul Shield Stats

Guys, the server is LAGGING bad, and is not normal, even players with usual low ping are having spikes, it started 20 minutes ago, same happened last night. This is my second day of subscription and I am having a bad experience due to this lag, please find some fix.Can someone help me (imbox).  Any news for Oceanic/SEA Server ?

I have never shown an interest in this game, nor any other NCSoft game, yet I started receiving emails from you on my Business Email Account. WHY? I have forwarded you information to my state attorneys office, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold as they are curious to know how you got a hold of my email, which is only for in office use, never used on the web.  Better be top 4 and not gimp and add the other 2 extra for being a "close race". Best Friend wasn't supposed to come back because it didn't make top 4 and you put it back anyway. Especially when some were RNG box outfits.

I do too. But it's tilting when you RNG a rare outfit to have it reinstated and more people have it when the outfit was not supposed to initially return in that poll rotation. Blade and Soul Gold If it came back as an actual top4 winner that is a different story. It was released on Valentine's Day so it will be back in february again (probably). It's the same as putting back christmas outfits in July . There're more costumes you know, a year later and you just throw at us the same things over and over again.....

So sad i missed crimson butterfly.. I hope ill be able to get it later. Devotion too...  you guys went on maint, but still havent fixed the F2 Bugged for Legendary Soul Shield Stats yet? wow good job. yayy more outfits how about starting to improve the damn game first? i want to play blade and soul but my comp doesnot let me login in :( I no longer care about your friggin patch that most likely won't solve any of the disconnect issues and client shutting down completely if a loading screen accidentally takes a little longer than conventional. Also frak content that needs 9000+ AP and CERN's supercomputer to play.


where to Buy Blade and Soul Outfit Stamp

Buy Outfit Stamp 6pcs = PHP.  Neck drop rate increase? Fixing F2 for EU ? bzzz  please put mol points billing station.  How this works? I dont have problems with FPS since this game made me roll range class :P if this game hopes to be more of a game it needs more balanced and ways to use ur money :P it isnt fun the game making you put 20$ for a 1,399 outfit when most of them are 1,199NCoins : Cheap Blade and Soul Gold / Revelation Online will stomp you hard if u dont do something good.

You can easily get any outfit using gold with the currency exchange. O.o ive never spent any money on costumes and i have one of every rotation since headstart.  finally they gonna meet tatal haha.  wtf wrong in whirlwind valley? always dc. I wanted to play so much but my computer does not run. Does it have some new outfit from Hoongmon store? 24-player Dungeon Night's Wind Plains. Still waiting for sea server. Hello, i started playing 4 days ago, and today my account got blocked, and cat create another to make a ticket. May i ask what is the reason ? I emailed support and did not answer. Account name Kuropuri.

wish i could get a reply on this cuz its very important, i live in the UAE and we having an issue here, we cant open the game and all we get is "Login Failed (42)" error .. anybody got a solution or blade and soul please? , i sent a ticket and got a fix that made the game work for few hours then it didnt work again the next day, Buy Blade and Soul Gold hope to find anything usefull on the page, Thanks. Dear company "NCSOFT" I have a question for you why you do not watch your projects because I'm playing the Russian localization tired to endure as many players and their team Forgeym concept ИНОВА especially in our server can not pull anything, I even put on the laptop settings with poor performance settings does not help more than 15 FPS and that they did not do it to add costumes and prevention that do not help us to play normally as frequent crashes and does not interface with the internet.

 Blade & Soul what the hell is happening with the game.. to install it i need to repair it like 100 times. And even when i repairing, it's sometimes crushes.. !!!! I'm wondering when does the NPCs that sell halloween items will end. Is on the 16th of November? The reason why i'm confused is because the "candies" says its redeemable until the 6th of December so I am guessing the Npcs will continue to sell Halloween items until that date?


Kingdom Hearts is a legendary franchise

Yeah, Cindy is definitely for the horny men... I'd like Lunafreya to be playable. I suppose it also lacks diversity because you (so far in the demos) don't get to control anyone but Noctis.   I, for one, am going to enjoy the eye candy but, I'm going to be much more immersed in the story than the guys. Some female characters are good to play, but there are some that are not *cough* Lightning *cough*.

Some people, especially on game forums are just butt hurt and jealous that the game has sexy guys in it. Imagine if they were all rugged ugly guys with roided out bodies, FFXIV Gil I guess it would be a different story. There are many video games where females are the lead characters. DOA Xtreme, and many others. Trey Nicks is right though story comes first."In the end, it's Noct's story." Prompto voice actor said, after all.

 who cares? doesn't have to have sexy exposed women in the game just for you virgin faggots. its a story and the main characters are that way for the story. get over it. go play final fantasy 10-2 if you want to jack off over female characters.  Imagine ff7s story line without playing as aeris, or ff12 without playing as Ashe or basche. Buy FFXIV Gil Being able to play as important characters is just as important to the story as the plot itself. I'm not asking for perv material, I'm outright against it, that crap will ruin the game.

I mean Kingdom Hearts is a legendary franchise and you only play as Sora. And Riku at the end of 2, and his storyline in Chain of Memories but that's it.  I dont know what is the meaning of this trailer i still confused. but but as you can see in this trailer, can we use the gun in this game??? during the event this morning, the TGS trailer was showcased with the French voice actors, will we get the English cast version as well in the near future?


would like to play BNS again

How is this game doing population wise? I stopped playing back in May, since Poharan seemed dead and arena was overrun with bots...would like to play again if things are better..  I dont see that much bots anymore tbh lol and Poh 24 / Nsh 24 man is dead af nobody doing it anymore its deserted.  Poh 24/Nsh 24? Which servers are most populated ATM, Buy Blade and Soul Gold I don't want to play on a dead server lol. Well, as servers were merged, a lot of them are now overpopulated in certain areas. It really depends on where you are.

 Population with the linked server groups would feel about the same, or somewhat less than before the links (which would be less than around the time you described) since students are back to playing now that they're back into the school routine. Don't bother rerolling on other servers, you can never predict what populations will do, they'll likely merge/link servers some more, and much of what you need to do with others you can do in with the cross server system.

If bots bothered you, while you don't see them as readily, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold they're still there, as botters have been scamming players out of their account info. This means just because you don't see as many characters with random letters for names, doesn't mean there aren't bots around. I'd say the player, to bot ratio as remained unchanged. Bot just don't bother with arena much any more as it's not nearly as lucrative as it used to be, and they go where the money is. The cheaters, win traders, scripters, and so forth are still around though.

ok so am seeing alot of salty people commenting but its 2016 and everyone is acting like bitch these days and am thinking about going back to playing BnS but am not that sure, is it really good at the moment or what ?


BnS Ebondrake Citadel preview stream

Missed our Ebondrake Citadel preview stream? No problem, we post all our streams on Youtube for your convenience! Subscribe so you never miss an update!  South America server please. No translations needed. Brazil speaks Portuguese and the other countries speaks Spanish, but we know english and doesn't mind. this looks really fun! it will keep me occupied while i download revelation online. i needhelp why is it when i start the game the games says connecting then it stops and says connecting server failed pls try again later.. dev pls fix this.

at forum, Blade and Soul Gold form january and now october, loading problem not solved, so wth thier do about this? every single time loading to another dungeon get dc.game crashed 10 times in row... wtf if wrong... a cannot play any more... this sucks. game crashed 10 times in row... wtf if wrong... a cannot play any more... this sucksMassively Multiplayer Online Money Stealer. That's what I am going to call these games from now on. Make a Server for Philippines or South East Asia Atleast.

Any plans on asian language packs?  im talking about proper integration.. the stuff in google is just a makeshift really. we've been asking for this for a long already Buy Blade and Soul Gold o.o. The Ebondrake Citadel patch notes are up! Looks like Jax fell into the Ocean and sat there for 10 years. And I thought that I'm the only one who think this boss look like Jax XD. I don't understand, if you have stopped playing the game, why would you even care ? Yea. I got a vague feeling people will be asking for 700 AP people only to join this.

It's just ridiculous. I mean people are asking for 600+ for Yeti. I can run with my alt and clan mates Asura with just 530 AP and we can finnish it if no one dies or screws up the mechanic. People just think that the more AP you have the more pro you are or something like that. only see people who left care more for this game from actually players '-'  You know what's also up? The amount of people leaving your game, and the number of bots in SSP...but that's none of my business...


BnS Ebondrake Citadel dungeon preview stream on

Join us TOMORROW at 4PM PST for an Ebondrake Citadel dungeon preview stream on.  If you put a good team to clear the entire dungeon, and show everyone how hard it's Cheap Blade and Soul Gold ...Also explain that it's not AP, but mechanics that are needed to complete this dungeon. It easier than tomb. But the mechanics are still very important.

tomorrow lol. is the last day of the month. and then its the beta starting month of Revelation Online. See a brief overview of the Ebondrake Citadel dungeon, and the horrors that lurk within. Are you guys going through maintenance right now ? :3 Cause i didn't see any notification about it but the launcher keeps saying it's under maintenance. Blade & Soul ah yes, i thought you guys would update the maintenance on the facebook page :)))) my mistake, thank you.

oh god ,ithougt my pc cant handle this game haha ,newbie here. Ok..i'll expect premade req of "800AP++++++ Link 20+++runach" just few hrs after release. "Nerfed" Zakhan. Well, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold this dungeon is easier than Desolate Tomb. NCsoft ...you win so i give up...where is the story line..just focus on DG update and silly daily spin.. The game still doesn't let me in, just i have this problem or others have it too?

The game still doesn't let me in, just i have this problem or others have it too? Because it's crap and gives many people who play on university campuses error 4049s, and is probably the worst security software for games out there. And then incomes all the hackers and DDOS attacks. Alright. Lmao.


FFXIV XBox community just always seemed so toxic

You may have missed it there where they added more fucking useless housing systems and added a feature to a pointless juke box you can't adjust your world music with. But give them a break. They always say due to memory constraints that have to implement small easy features at a time. At least we will get to finally enjoy the egi glamour system they boasted about and finally utilize the add-on feature they promised since 2.0.

Just not exactly this patch or possibly any time below 9.7. They really did a good job reviving 1.0 with the job system and updated ui only to drive it back into the mmo graveyard with Cheap FFXIV Gil a barrage of housing simulators.   Look, maybe I'm wrong, but the XBox community just always seemed so toxic... I'd rather keep them away from my game. Ffxiv not being available on Xbox has always been the fault of Microsoft. SE has offered to bring it to Xbox...if Microsoft agrees to integrated servers like on PS and PC. Microsoft has consistently refused to budge on that point, so SE continues to deny them the game.

All those feature will look really great when your player base is in the couple hundred thousands by the end of the year. I've lost all my faith in this being the next big game. And thats sad cause I thought I stood a better chance at 1.5 than it does now at 3.x. And faithful held my sub to date. But wtf is anyone ranting in the comments? buy FFXIV Gil Not like sqex or ff14 team even reads player reception and suggestions. The only thing they ever pretend to hear is what's thrown in their faces at the stupid fanfest!!

I was extremely disappinted by the lack of BLM in the mhachi storyline. There's like, none at all. This is the place BLM evolved from! Sounds like this patch will be a fight to the death with warrior of darkness lol If they want my soul they going to take it by force!!!!!  Oh man! Did you see where they are finally adding the crowd favorite Viera race?! And the long await hybrid classes like Red Mage?!