BnS Ebondrake Citadel dungeon preview stream on

Join us TOMORROW at 4PM PST for an Ebondrake Citadel dungeon preview stream on.  If you put a good team to clear the entire dungeon, and show everyone how hard it's Cheap Blade and Soul Gold ...Also explain that it's not AP, but mechanics that are needed to complete this dungeon. It easier than tomb. But the mechanics are still very important.

tomorrow lol. is the last day of the month. and then its the beta starting month of Revelation Online. See a brief overview of the Ebondrake Citadel dungeon, and the horrors that lurk within. Are you guys going through maintenance right now ? :3 Cause i didn't see any notification about it but the launcher keeps saying it's under maintenance. Blade & Soul ah yes, i thought you guys would update the maintenance on the facebook page :)))) my mistake, thank you.

oh god ,ithougt my pc cant handle this game haha ,newbie here. Ok..i'll expect premade req of "800AP++++++ Link 20+++runach" just few hrs after release. "Nerfed" Zakhan. Well, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold this dungeon is easier than Desolate Tomb. NCsoft ...you win so i give up...where is the story line..just focus on DG update and silly daily spin.. The game still doesn't let me in, just i have this problem or others have it too?

The game still doesn't let me in, just i have this problem or others have it too? Because it's crap and gives many people who play on university campuses error 4049s, and is probably the worst security software for games out there. And then incomes all the hackers and DDOS attacks. Alright. Lmao.


FFXIV XBox community just always seemed so toxic

You may have missed it there where they added more fucking useless housing systems and added a feature to a pointless juke box you can't adjust your world music with. But give them a break. They always say due to memory constraints that have to implement small easy features at a time. At least we will get to finally enjoy the egi glamour system they boasted about and finally utilize the add-on feature they promised since 2.0.

Just not exactly this patch or possibly any time below 9.7. They really did a good job reviving 1.0 with the job system and updated ui only to drive it back into the mmo graveyard with Cheap FFXIV Gil a barrage of housing simulators.   Look, maybe I'm wrong, but the XBox community just always seemed so toxic... I'd rather keep them away from my game. Ffxiv not being available on Xbox has always been the fault of Microsoft. SE has offered to bring it to Xbox...if Microsoft agrees to integrated servers like on PS and PC. Microsoft has consistently refused to budge on that point, so SE continues to deny them the game.

All those feature will look really great when your player base is in the couple hundred thousands by the end of the year. I've lost all my faith in this being the next big game. And thats sad cause I thought I stood a better chance at 1.5 than it does now at 3.x. And faithful held my sub to date. But wtf is anyone ranting in the comments? buy FFXIV Gil Not like sqex or ff14 team even reads player reception and suggestions. The only thing they ever pretend to hear is what's thrown in their faces at the stupid fanfest!!

I was extremely disappinted by the lack of BLM in the mhachi storyline. There's like, none at all. This is the place BLM evolved from! Sounds like this patch will be a fight to the death with warrior of darkness lol If they want my soul they going to take it by force!!!!!  Oh man! Did you see where they are finally adding the crowd favorite Viera race?! And the long await hybrid classes like Red Mage?!


B&S massive content release rush going on

Max Jenius .... you forgot to mention Parallel if you know what that is... also, why you have to be such a bitch? all im saying is that im gonna be positive. doesnt have to be of your concern if im waiting or having hope that they might do a game for mac, besides the game came to NA servers after 4 years of being released so? and you do something with yourself because you are being too much, Buy Blade and Soul Gold getting so involved in what other people want or not, I wasn't directing my request to you in the first place plus I am a gamer too, "jenious".

Sarah Aradia Something like Parallel is fine if you are running general apps, not for gaming though, you'd want to use Bootcamp for games, especially big resource hogs like B&S. Also you'd still need to buy a copy of Windows, all Parallel does is *let* you run Windows inside the Mac OS, it doesn't come with Windows. It's hardly free either, costs about as much as an OEM copy of Windows.

Their taking four years to release B&S here doesn't make a Mac version more probably, it makes it less probably, as it shows how limited their interest is in this region for the game. Blade and Soul Gold Especially with the massive content release rush going on, there's also been plenty marking this as a quick cash grab that NCSoft intents to let die off soon enough. Companies don't put major investment into quick cash grabs, of an aging game, for a region they don't have much interest in.

Then if you don't want people to respond, or can't take it when people respond, don't post in the first place. This is a public forum you know. I was trying to be helpful, but if you just want to gripe, and insult me, then go ahead, wait forever for something that will never happen. Gaming is an expensive hobby, if even Windows is too expensive for you to get, then you shouldn't be trying to get into gaming at all.


how to get a Gem Hammer in Blade and Soul

You've got what could be a really great game here. Although by flat out ignoring all the issues many have with the client that cripples performance, and the server issues, at the same time focusing everything on the end-game players, while not giving a damn about the new/leveling players, plus pushing out four years of content.

In a year, the game just isn't what it could be at all. Blade and Soul Gold This all shows by how the game just keeps losing players, it already feels about as empty with the server merger, as it did before the merger, so I guess you'll be doing another before the game has been out for a year here. At what point will you guys get the hint that you're not handling things well? The whales won't be around for ever you know.

Can you fix that Network error 132 when we have super good internet connection? this will result to more players to quit your game ....daily dash was put on hold for the trove event intentionally... they told us that when trove was first announced.  Its cool how this gives you stuff to improve your gear, but if your gear isnt good you cant go in( i mean, ill go on with my shitty gear with or without this event) Buy Blade and Soul Gold get kicked all day everyday in lobby parties even with 600+ ap. maybe u need critical def..

Hi, how I can get a Gem Hammer? there are Lv25 guys with 3 sockets unlocked. I'm level 42 and I still have 1. You can get them from the market (F5) or cash shop(F10).


BNS warlock game play

So is the dps meter just like an on average dps meter or is there a way to see more detailed data? Just per second damage is not going to be all that accurate for dragon call warlock users. Blade and Soul Gold DC users have valleys in their damage where it can slip back once in a while but overall with the skill books and proper rotation use DC is way more than helix.If they are not getting the damage with DC then it's because they are not doing their rotations properly.

You do more pve damage with DC and the skill book overall. I do enough damage to pull aggro in a 600+ party. I am worried that a simple on average dps meter won't show a fair assessment to my skills. This would lead to me getting flamed when they are not seeing the whole picture. I am worried they will see a dip and flame even though I have done 3-4 times their damage output overall.

When I am doing enough damage to make the boss ignore everyone else and a down moment in my rotation shows an inaccurate picture of my overall damage output. This is is a bit of an unfair assessment.

Btw the highest Buy Blade and Soul Gold I have hit with helix is 13k but this was without fighting spirit and soul burn. So Maybe 18-20k if I am lucky. With DC that has been buffed with SB and FS I have hit for 53k . Helix has it's uses like for pvp and in areas where enemy health is so low you can't do proper charges on DC. However I just want to see my damage accurately reflected. It would be stupid to have people see a dip but not really see that you are doing among the top damage in the party. There are a lot of stupid people out there who will.


make design fits the BnS theme

I submitted, and I understand my entry on male outfit is way to plain which probably won't get me anywhere. But looking some of the selected costumes... I did kinda felt a shot down considering the amount of time spent researching making sure the design fits the BnS theme. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I just wish they post out all entry of participant and have real critics comments.

I submitted, and I understand my entry on male outfit is way to plain which probably won't get me anywhere. But looking some of the selected costumes... I did kinda felt a shot down considering the amount of time spent researching making sure the design fits the BnS theme. I just wish they post out all entry of participant and have real critics comments.

 Very disappointing about how you handled the contest and your criteria. Blade and Soul Gold Very low quality management compared to the previous contest. It's a shame for all the people which actually put effort in their entries. Probably some of them will never participate again. You did not even respect your own rules.

My feelings exactly. It's like totally not caring about the time and effort people invested. Totally unrespectful. Or we could have inspire from famous anime (since game is full of anime fans) that would 100% have lot of sales. Why bother to be original as the rules were saying. But well, what is done is done. We now know what we can expect in the future.



Best MMO hands down those who complain will never be satisfied...because well...it's the best MMO and still not good enough for them so stop complaining you don't like you don't buy and stay out of this page your negative comments are not needed in the FFXIV community. damn, I'm offline for 14 days now so I can't use it... c'mon square, FFXIV Gil you could've pulled me back into your web, but now I resist. No candy, no money.

Yeah you can, the campaign last until August 30th. It's 120 hours of game time for a month.  It's a 120 hour window from the moment you log in, not 120 hours total. oh, didn't see it was till august. The way it was written confused me (we write 25.8.2016), so didn't see it was a different month. Thx, Coty Marlowe.

I would play this so much more if I didn't have to pay for it, but that being said it is a terrific game that's very addictive. Thank you for this let me log in and trade all my stuff to my other half. Least she's gonna get use out of it. Apparently my inventory of shite was worth 1.2 million....Buy FFXIV Gil I'm looking forward to logging in again after so long, realising none of my guild mates play anymore and dying a little inside.

I wish youd put have the effort you put into trying to bring the casuals back into the players who are still subscribed. And stop losing them in the first place... Awesome! I know what I'm going to be doing for the next 120 hours of my life that I will never get back, and do I say it's worth it? I most certainly do! If there's ever a time to start playing again.